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Sponsorships help make this Festival happen!  We have several sponsorship opportunities and we would be thrilled to have you consider joining us.

Please feel free to ask any questions and offer feed back as we are delighted to work with you and want to ensure this partnership benefits all involved!

Sponsorship opportunities range from sponsoring an entire concert to sponsoring a workshop or individual performer.

Examples include the following:

Example #1 – Headliner Sponsor
An opportunity for a business, organization or group to benefit from sponsoring a very special headline performance.

Benefits at this level could include:

  • 10 complimentary tickets to the performance
  • Prominent display at the Festival & in Festival Program
  • Sponsorship will be featured in Festival news & social media
  • Logo on the poster & on Festival Program
  • Link to your business/ organization on Festival website (with logo)
  • Selected post-show reception with the artists

Example #2 – Performer Sponsor
This level of sponsorship will allow us to fund individual artists attending and performing at the Festival.

The Ryga Festival is hosting visiting artists from BC and across Canada. A performer sponsorship  helps cover our guest artists’ travel, performance fees, and other expenses.

Benefits of Sponsorship include:

  • 2 complimentary tickets to the sponsored artist’s performance
  • Post-show reception with the Artist and Artistic Director
  • Sponsorship will be featured in Festival social media
  • Logo on the poster and in the Festival Program
  • Link to your business/organization on Festival website (with logo)

Example  #3:  Workshop Sponsor
This level of support will allow us to help cover the costs of hosting a professional visiting artist. This helps inspire local creativity through storytelling, acting, singing, or creative writing, with your business as the main supporter!

Benefits of Sponsorship include:

  • Complimentary Attendance to the Workshop for TWO
  • Two complimentary tickets to Outspoken
  • Banner at the workshop & on Festival Program
  • Mention in editorials and on stage throughout event
  • Link to your business/organization on Festival web site (with logo)
  • Selected pre-show reception with the Artistic Director

Be a Festival Supporter

You can be an individual supporter and help the Ryga Festival fulful its goals.  Be a Festival Patron, Friend, or Donor.

Benefits of Supporting include:

  • All support gratefully received
  • Donations are acknowledged in our Festival Program, our Website, and and on the donor wall at Ryga Festival Office
  • Your personal donation includes 1 year Festival Membership
  • The Ryga Festival Society thanks you!

The Society is a registered charitable society. All of its budget goes toward paying artists and workshop leaders. Click on the link below to donate to our Canada Helps charitable fund.

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