Eviah S. Obadia-Wong

Eviah Shimshon Obadia-Wong (pronouns: xe/they/she) is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, and community activist living and working on unceded Syilx Okanagan territory. Eviah’s work aims to educate and empower those who interact with it through the collective exchange of mutual empathy. They have been doing this through a practice of self-advocacy “soft” activism focused on the communities xir intersectional identity as a queer, trans non-binary, neurodivergent, mixed-race person of colour connects them to (their writing on which can largely be found in their regular contribution to CBC'S 'First Person' column). She has also made creative works in collaboration with organizations ranging from UBC, to the Kelowna Museums, to CBC Radio One and more. Recently, xe had an ekphrastic audio poem presented at the Kelowna Art Gallery as part of the interactive Exhibition, 'A Year from Now' which was also published in the exhibition's official catalogue. Most days Eviah can be found writing, reading, falling off their skateboard and generally causing--mostly--good kinds of trouble in the world.